Dexsta Ray

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Planet Of Night - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Every single stone they throw at me just keep me rooted
Evil people
Roll along
I need more supplies
Drop it off
I'm fortified
Your soul is only formed in ruses
Devil won't defeat me
I'm probably broke and needy
Riches from the heavens
Stored above
I was told to seek it
So I do
I ain't worried about the gold and jewels
Evil try to tear me down
I'm firm…
Fire bouncing off
But it won't without the Cross
So I round it off
Planet of the night
Full of darkness with some bantam rights
Bad opinions get discarded
In the can of Light
Spirit things are nothing to the wicked and the hell-bound
More preoccupied with others being held down
Speaking on the shells
Know the physical is soon to pass
With the attractions on the carnal end
The truth is brass
Jewels stashed, crafts and facts of passion
Not impressing flesh
And I was born on the bottom in the wretched nets, of society
Now I'm a grown man, still a child inside,
The key
Learning from oppressions set, how, to till my own land
Hating rhymes with satan
It's related…
They ain't worried about nobody who ain't struggle for their place
And all I see is evil traps and tracks that drive
Us back down below
I ain't go
Abaddon isn't all of that
I don't care about who don't care, spiritual garments don't tear
I don't care, I don't care, stop telling me
I don't care…
I'm wrote there, to make my own rules, accepting no dare
Just desperate for salvation
Place Medusa with
No hair
An life of finding truth and getting fetters un-dealt
And how I want to be like you and you like everyone else?
I sit and write just what I choose
I need to grow up
I do
Or maybe just what people say when you don't tie with their views
They want to taunt you with the folly
Think you stupid, then you
But the fact do remain, why are you within my way?
Such confusion…
Love is being abused but that's a common truth, and I'm a problem
Just because I'm on another move
It's something cruel…
Attaching folly just to see that you're down
And it's been years since we we're talking, why you screaming now?
I'm only faithful
Never straying on my lover
It's the Truer way
And some'll blame a deed for nothing just to do their thing
Some strangers even say you done it just to ruse your name
You ain't even cross them
Tell me something
Tell me who the same?
That's the devil but I worship Jesus Christ as Lord
And that's the real reason everyone'll smite you for it
See, it's spiritual
Without the spirit, you are blind, absorbed
Into the dark society
Conspiring to hide the Sword
I'm with the feelings, like a writer be, just like a poet
That's a normal thing
Humans aren't immortal, sane
Especially, when evil working extra hard to form a maze
Ain't no choice but to mention it, at times
But order praise! Even more!
That's until we see the Lord
And even after that, evil, evil, get behind me! I'm immortal, pass!
Keep it, keep it moving, I'm annoying to the nuisance
We are here to spread the Light
All the wisest ones can use it, from the Bible, until the day we go
Speak the fire, beat the liar, see the ruses be exposed
To inspire, similiar

Topic(s) of this poem: society, truth

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