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Pressure - Poem by Dexsta Ray

So much pressure on my mind
Got me losing focus
And stressing all the time, though the blessings
Sort of sensitive to actions
'Cause I'm filled with this compassion
Though I'd hate to say it's curse
But it's sort of trapping
Imagining a world that's lacking poverty and hate
Sit back and just escape
A place to finally drop this weight
Though fiction
What it takes
Picture light across the skies
Where nobody trying to break
Just awake
And cross the I's
Another area on the edges of society
A beautiful
Seeing power
Lead peace and follow freedom there
Even the despair that come with phony accusations
On the stake, easing down, in pain
Traded for some justice
For the wicked lie in wait, to slay
The righteous
Jocularity, consider it a calling, not a scary thing
But the fairest means
Of molding
Hearing gold, and asking God if it's another route
Or just the cycle?
They don't care about the truth
Nor address the Bible
Even through the wickedness, to see the devil standing back
With a smirk, knowing can't nobody else see him
Stabbing with the flak, indirect
But just as sad
For the pressure ain't the people, it's the message that they lack
You can find your peace within
Some realities are purple
Worth a listen, given strength, at least, to me, I'm learning from it
Now, I'm using it for them
Times are soon to
No delusions, truth extend to the roots removed from sin
Leaving shells, with decisions, thinking hell
Is something fictional
I figure, what’s the point of seeming perfect? What's it's worth?
The beginning of it
Wondering why? So many of us, caught
Trust, it's cursed
Plus burnt…
Excuses of evil enterprises smothered with the Word
Resented by evil inner conscious
Using pseudo-logical
Disguising litter, constants, talk to me about the pressure
If I could, trick of distance, ineffective, but, forever, is the Light connect
Write me if you find a sec
In measure
Putting time, in rising, up, a couple talking, but your lines were very helpful truly
After nothing left, subdue it, stew it
I ain't saying jack
Knowing about the pressure, if you there, then take my hand back
Covering the treasures of the Spirit that was given
To me…
God is patient, ain't no way I'll let the wicked move me
Enemies pursue me, through the letters
This amuse me…
It won't take forever, got to grow and change for better
Ain't no telling when the Day comes
Kingdom swelling great
Conquering the demons, and just shake the devil's place up
So, ain't no mercy for the snake, darkness
All around us, still
Trying to stay aligned with the purpose, though it's hurting so…
For the pressure, quite a while before the
Curtain close…
I ain't even there but I'm a long way from dirt and souse
So I'm firm, composed
In the slightest way though
I ain't tripping
To the Lord, I supplicate growth

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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