Rivers To Burn: Ghost Or Human Poem by Lass K

Rivers To Burn: Ghost Or Human

Dance, dance, dance, I heard every night
My feet became a sharp knife
As I danced with all my might
I lost my life

As my soul wandered without rest
I had no where to put my head
Something told I had failed test
And I began to see the snow colored red

Afar, I see my images of myself
I danced non-stop without rest
Next, I saw a shelf
On it was written ‘DEATH DANCES THE BEST'

Then I saw my wife and child dancing
Then I realized it was the dance of death
I thought to start screaming
But it was too late, behind them was the invisible death

Too late
It was too late for everyone
Too bad the devil is never late
Before we knew it, they were gone

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