Belinda Nelson

Spirits Of Art On Buildings - Poem by Belinda Nelson

The gross whole:
You and I, the gays who influence media, Russian Czars,
Vicar Apostolic envoys, Beatnik Ingenuity, The romantics
Will all gather for we have surely lived! Spirited away
A generation, a world more, more, and more
- More alcohol, harmonic vibes, cigarettes!


Isn't there a seat for surmise, a lapse in grace?
(For our kind is barbaric, are avid connoisseurs of humans who are
Settling and melancholic but compassionate (in dollars) , naturally)

Retrospect: days of running helter skelter
Radiating with their atom bomb
Veiled away inside an empire within their empire
Sleepy past the hours they'd sent over to bomb Japan
-Are still those that have not touched in me
What I have in their advertisements
Nor do I care for their singing hallelujahs
For their experimental drug investments

I even see us pricing mother earth with her father time
Grinding dentures, holding each other's years together
We go on digesting - are plants in the easy early morning
Am I too late to fall asleep to a dream?
- Structured already(but I am tomorrow) through copper pennies

Dear God, and some pink or blue babies
To bloom in the warming weather to children,
(every eyelash painfully more impressionable than the last)
To strays,
Some do somehow burn out in everlasting disposition
Like missing Luigi, whose sprouting flower petals
Of loves me or loves me not's
What is it that we're doing?
What bowl or vein hazes faces away?

Our names indoors in the undertow,
With someone out there saying to me that
My sense doesn't make sense
But I understand
Leisure sings all night to the weary -
It's only that I'm shaking of such suicide with that

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