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Teachers Of The Republic-November 24 Teachers ' Day

In order to bring our country to a real goal, true happiness, two armies are needed: one is the army of soldiers who save our homeland, and the other is the army of knowledge (science, culture) that knead the future of our nation. (M.Kemal Atatürk)
The Republic asks you for generations' free of ideas, free of conscience, free of knowledge'. (M.Kemal Atatürk)


You gave this country a flag.
We became a nation of worship.
You gave these people the alphabet.
You became a leader and a head teacher.
You wrote it on a chalk chalkboard.
Male female, fishing folk
We learned the alphabet from syllable to syllable
National excitement and national Alphabet
Hungry for knowledge steppe
Every village and every city is armed with flags and books.. We took an oath.soldier to arms
Teacher in the book..

The teacher is like a torch, the torch in his hands
He reached for the sky. Ataturk is watching from the sky. Torch always forward

A million children on the one hand are in the grip of a cult, on the other hand, Teachers ' Day

Oh, boy..! what did your parents do to you?
In the presence of the sheikh of the order in his blind brain
How dogma is waiting for you. Rahle Quran
You're waiting for your Sheik to bless you.
With your raped body and brain
Did you think it was a ladder to the sky?
Leading out to the bean tree, which extends into the sky
You thought it was giant. No gold in your pocket, sect
The stones of Rahle-I-tedrisat will bring you down. Oh, boy.. have you never heard of an ancestor who said, ' the future is in heaven? '
Future Forehead Sweat and scientific education
Oh, boy.! How did you give up on yourself?

Mehmet I knew the teacher
You went to the mountain village on a mule's back
Your school home, children, your son
Happy today at 82
He says his students are still teachers
It makes him very happy
Republic generation teachers
Sen Sevil teacher
Your youth was spent in village schools.
You've never hung your face
First you stayed in a place that didn't even have a village room
The villagers repaired a ruined room, whitewashed it. You're like you and a peasant brother.
You petitioned the government for the peasant.
Republic generation teachers

You Mufit teacher
Ayancık Kars Sarıkamış you have become a light in your hometown. Professors and doctors today
It's good to hear that tinsel pleasure as my teacher says. I don't know that, but I understand and sense that this is the highest emotion.
Teachers of the Republican generation are altruistic and hardworking. If this country is still standing, thanks to the army of soldiers and lore on the trail of the head teacher..
Reşat Nuri Güntekin Çalıkuşu ' Feride'
I read the teacher and couldn't forget
Or Halide Edip Adıvar's national struggle
Teacher 'Aliye' town you became a light for the children of the bigots who lynched you.
Teachers of the Republic

A family of five children from a poor village.
Teacher from village institutes to village
Youngest child in poor family
It changed your life. Teacher and child
And divided the bread and the book.

That poor boy,
He became a teacher of teachers.

To tell the teacher training
Tell child education
To tell a child is to tell a nation.
Blind eye, bird wing training and trainer
He grows flowers like gardener art.

He told The Sick Boy that his mother said, ' Let me kiss him, Baby, let your illness pass. '
Yes, the best treatment for a child,
Mother's kiss and teacher's educational kiss..

TO THE BEST BROTHER AND TEACHER. (to the headteacher and all teachers in his personality.)

22 November 2020


Education is not the teaching of facts. It is the training of the mind to think. - Albert Einstein
Education should be a guide for ferdin to understand the art of life. A. North Whitehead
Education is an ornament at a time of Prosperity, a refuge at a time of disaster. -Aristotle
The roots of education are bitter, the fruits are sweet. -Aristotle
Untrained genius is like unprocessed silver. - B.Franklin
Education is not the fruit itself, but a ladder that serves to collect fruit from the tree of knowledge. - Bernard Shaw
Education translates good intentions into good results. - Berry
The only real purpose of education is to keep a person in a situation where they constantly ask questions. - Bishop Creighton
In an educated person, the first thing that stands out is the methodical work of his head. - Calvin Coleridge
A person is not born with education, but lives with education. - Cervantes
Education, after bread and water, is the most mandatory need of the people. - Dante Alighieri

The main purpose of education is to make children aware of their own abilities. - Erich Fromm
Education ends in the classroom, but education only ends with life. F. W. Robertson
The purpose of education is to process the ore that exists in a person from birth, to develop the essence. - Galiani
In fact, you can't teach a person anything new, you can only help him discover something within himself. - Galileo Galilei
Education is capital for the poor and interest for the rich. - Heinrich Mann
Education begins from the main directory; every word that is said is a brick placed on the child's personality. - Hosea Bacon
Those with imagination who do not go through training have wings; but they do not have feet. - Joseph Joubert

Educated people are ashamed to say more than they can. -Confucius
A year from now, plant the seeds you're thinking about. Plant a tree, if it's ten years from now, but if you think beyond a hundred years, educate the people then... if you plant seeds once, you get a crop once, if you plant a tree once, you get a crop ten times, it happens a hundred times, if you train society. If you give someone a fish, they will be fed once; teach them to fish, let them be fed for life. - Kuan Tzu
It is easy to lead the educated people in one direction, it is difficult to drag them; it is easy to manage, it is impossible to enslave them. - Montaigne
If a nation does not have an army of knowledge, no matter how brilliant victories it achieves on the battlefields, it depends only on the army of knowledge that these victories produce lasting results. -mustafa kemal ataturk

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