The Broken Wing

Rating: 5.0

Faraz, on a hill top in the wooden dell,
Saw Durkhanae, shepherding a herd of sheep.
Her green robe, a veil of red linen round her head,
Her curly hair, lily-white skin and rhythmic gait
Touched the very heart and soul of Faraz.
With inexpressible sweetness, she spoke to him.
In flowery mead, you turned my solitude into a song.
In glen, days passed like dreams; nights like weddings.
One night, stars were in full splendour round radiant moon.
Brighter than white goddess, she was lying on grass like a jewel.
The thick dark clouds had covered the sky.
The howling wind broke the spell of amorous love.
In sunshine of life, Faraz forgot days of dismal rain.
He turned over a new leaf, leaving Durkhanae in pain.
In the valley of gloom, she passed the days in grief.
Wearily lying in the masses of tangled weeds,
All the girls born under the unhappy star
Sang a song in the dismal rain.
“Those who deceive, God will throw them in nether hell.”
Crawling on his hands and knees, Faraz chanted:
“Durkhanae, O Durkhanae, keeps yourself away,
Man on this planet is a monstrous beast indeed.”