The Tearstained Eye

Rating: 4.8

Im finding it harder and harder as the long days go by
to find the truth inside of me, to dry the tearstained eye
the turmoil inside is ripping at my heart and soul
the darkness within is proving to difficult to control

unable to shake the feelings that im breaking my loved ones heart
unable to rid the thoughts that we need to be apart
cant decide if what im doing is really right or wrong
and wrestling with the thinking that I have known all along

I love her, I think, no I really really do
but not the love it should be to carry us through
the dark days, the quiet moments, the trouble within life
not the love that's needed to become husband and wife

where do I go from here as I cant go on much longer
im angry with myself as I should be so much stronger
ive got to be decisive, got to prepare for the hurtful pain
im frightened that our years together have all been in vain

the time has come to finish it, to say it is no more
already the fear is rising, seeping from every pore
the truth should bring the blue sky, the dark should now be bright
but the turmoil will not go away, its not giving up the fight

Declan McHenry 21 July 2006

The poem as self-analysis of the poet? Neat piece Padraig.

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Lynda Robson 21 July 2006

This is poignant, I can feel your pain hope all works out for you- excellent writing Lynda xx

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