Maria Junnonen

The Winter Never Came - Poem by Maria Junnonen

The winter never came

It´s not cold outside, even thought its December.
Where has the winter gone off to?
It´s warm inside, even thought its not cold outside.
Where have the cold freezes of winter gone off to?
It´s raining water, when it should be snowing.
Where have the freezing coldness gone to?
the earth under feet is muddy and wet.
Is it still not gonna snow yet?
The weather is full of sleet and cold winds.
Why is the wind the only cold thing?

At the Morning people go to window to look
'Maybe now the ground would be painted white? '
They watch, they frown.
No freeze came at all.
People are getting tired.
'what in the world is with this weather? '
people are getting agitated.
' when will the nonchalant winter come with his freezes? '
But even after a week no freezes came.

They are speaking about it.
In media, with other people.
They ask their hearts:
'Is this our fault? '
Is there no winter for this year?
' Well then, we will wait another year! '

1,2,3,4.....365. another year went by.
No winter came.
It´s not cold outside, it´s not cold inside.
we have no need to use the fireplace, we have no need to get the snow shovels out yet.
It´s not warm inside, the noxious atmostphere is not taking itself to leave at all.
1,2,3 -we count, even one winter will be good.
4,5,6-I count, when will the people realize?
7,8,9-Mother nature counts, there will be no winter in this year either.
10- the side effects of the stubborness of the human race.

We ain´t living in southern island. We ain´t doing anything wrong here in north.
whose fault is it that North can´t have its winters?

Even they laugh, they pray, life continues.
but in the end...

No Winter came.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 4, 2009

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