Two Girls Poem by BTS Chocolate

Two Girls

That girl is golden as the sun
Her cheecks pink like a pretty pink rose
Her eyes full of kindness and love
Her smile, so sweet and gentle
Oh god she's perfect like an angel
Her hair blond like dough
Yet full of texture and taste
Recently, she waves with grace
She brightens up and yes I know that look on her face
I'm invisible for a second, yet I see you both share a moment
Yes, I'm green with jealousy
I'm not her, yet it kills me inside
I bet her words are soft and warm, makes you crumple inside
You know I'm sassy with attitude, guess I'm not the same
She's smart as a book, I know she likes you
God everyone praises you, you're our king
Another girl
Am I just a flame?
Another girl begs for attention from you, almost like me
Yet, you're in my arms?
Flirty girl with such pride
Does girlfriend mean anything to you?
Deciding to take my place?
You're a predator, you stick things in his ear attempting to block out my voice
I blend against the wall yet, he attempts to paint me back into reality
Maybe I'm just a flame to him
I see the way they look at you, I'm not blind
Funny I envy you both
One so kind as the sun, the other a predator in the night ready to attack my love
Bring it on ladies..

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