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Unnamed - Poem by Jaimee Morse

I'm feeling better
better than before
but there will be a time
i will fall to the floor

i cant stand too long
i cant stay up forever
i will try my hardest
ill never say never

i try to keep them happy
my family is who i speak of
i know they wont want me
until i fall in love

they act like they are there
I've learned this is a fake
they act like they don't know
the life that i can make

i have few things to work with
to make a difference in the world
i will work with what i have
until my life's unfurled

I'm feeling better
better than before
i know if i try harder
they will all want more

i finally feel happy
like i made a difference
but soon i will be down again
they soon will find my absence

I'm leaving for awhile
but not for to long
its not what you think
i still will stay strong

I'm changing how i act
how i look and how i speak
they will see a different person
a different side of me

I'm feeling better
better than before
i think i can fly
i know i can soar

jaimee will be gone
but she will return quick
they may not like me
but i need to stick

i feel so happy
i don't know how to show my feelings
how do i express my self
handle life's dealings

I've done no good so far
but this is soon to change
most people think I'm different
people still think I'm strange

its been about a week now
my life is breaking down
I'm screaming so loud
but no one hears the sound

i don't know how long i can take it
i don't know how long i can live
with this pain inside if me
theres not much more i can give

i just want to give up now
i don't think its worth it
i don't want to stand any longer
i want to fall, i need to sit

i want it to hurt
so that i know i feel
i want it to hurt
to show that pain is real

i want people to see
what they have done to me
to see the reasons
why i show no glee

i hurt people
because I've been hurt
i just want to fall
and sleep in the dirt

i cant take it any longer
the time goes by too slow
i cant take it any longer
i have nowhere else to go

i wish i could sleep away all my pain
and let my sorrow go away
i wish i could help the people i hurt
but they never seem to stay

they never give me a chance to apologize
for the wrong that i have done
they all just leave
they get up and run

now these are the last words
that i ever want to write
but i wont stop my life
because of all their spite

I'm stronger than that
i just have to find myself
not much more i could do
until life is gone itself

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 11, 2007

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