Nyein Way

Veteran Poet - 1,145 Points (1d9.1.1962 / Yangon)

Viewing From The Sattlelite - Poem by Nyein Way

Viewing From The Satellite Viewing From The Satellite Viewing From The Satellite

I lived here...here is nothing as important
as getting art of hell....forgetful forgetfulness through the darkest night of the sister of doggie bags...Oh....Stopped move to love another
world. Accepted gas on the roof of the cloudy captions on TV.
Who play the language of anti being..Be animal....Draw a black line on your seeming
face... reality-like ashes blown out of linguistic phrases.The world..an world..puzzles of nonexistent calls from forummed absence...
inconsequentiality of writerly smoke into the
mind of glued spirit, the puntuated life on the heap of love..no..every nighted movement airy solid conceptual blindness into the softened cruelty of referential signs moving around the home I die....I am going to live again...Sign
your death on the cerified morning of tonight.
Polluted ashes through the ocean of cowboyed truth.Daring to say that that unfinished finished inconsistencies of bagged
this...... Look Fire your fire out of fire.This is truth...I am going to meet my brother my brother of vitamins.Theatre of simulated neatness and untricky lies booming art of the city we don't exist.As if mangoes were you.As if you were here.Clear thing...Clear thinking.Greatest bastarded language of distorted truth....
Bread....Liver......Lung..laughtered Lighters are on the wall of marriage between dust and darkness.
Hey....I'm internationally doing this, ain't I? No....I'm not.What would you like to do now?
OK Go for it.Go Have a Written readers on the first page of reading insight in the skin head space.Kiss the feet of pregnant stools overwhelmed by the tickling sounds of
success-oriented brutal radioed Enn......
Running down the road to bitter fried banal of ringed fingers.Last night....drunken sipping is life.We may find brighter brides of day and night....Inner...Inner easiness thrown out of sky......No sky at all...Dropping voices of narcissistic zoos are yours.Wilderness in the beauty of beasts.Subversive discussion of ten seconded timeless colours.Free bound of shooting angles..
No skies above the kitchens' dusters of mountainuous pencils into the hole of misty shells of dragons' day.Interested in candle's
light of woman's days under the righteous wrongs written by fate of worlds.Ceasarian nights into the birth of Nile rive.Aribian
mornings Pyramided truth into the surface of grammatical afternoons.......Beyound afternoons...The focal length of trained thoughts spreading among the cloudy crowds of hows
and whys......That's OK., Getting used to tring
to die...Be wolf Be true to yourself.You want to kiss the kisses of kindly given pocket-dustbin of cruel meaning lessness.Wider...Wider.. in a
little clown like cave.
This is new edition of talk-show.Soap operas of power and stirred souped gum.......In the mouth....look at the mouth.Nose of the universe is blind..Mark way.Milkyways Hankerchiefed floors of rewritten souls. Collected selections of balled steps.Use your will-power of nothing like nohtingness.....Face it.......Catch the storms of fisherman's eyes with ballons of prescribed texts.One man.....two humans....three dice.
Roll on the floor of your tea.Your ship is lost in the seeds of light.....Goodbye Death...Hope for the nothingness is a slogan for 'Nothingness
out of somethingness'.Because I love you.Ko Saw Nyein's truth turned up like a playing card surrounded by pigs.Pagan is an ancient city.howling wolves..Crying cry of modernity.
Lets go back to the stone-age cruelity.You are cruel because you are meant by you.Blowing in the rings of itching kites.Repeat after me....
Recite the poem of your eyes, mouth, nose, chin,
elbow and legs....Making abstract out of abstract absurdity of simplicity on the edge....You are the blind.You are the enlightened.You are the animal.Yes is Yes...No is No.Nothing is more......
nothing less....I travel into the unknown barriers of fences without poles.........I am an ugly fence with use value....All the gates are roomed with love.Gone....Move it...Love it....Daring to cross the lines on the line.Please feel at home.Oriental hybridity across the continental breakfast with the thefts of entertainments.....Signature of todayness boiling water about obligation.Cash for drinks in the safe....
Life cheque trun towing strange fire..... Dialogues of breaks and smoke water.....You should go to heaven of uniformity.Get upkill the permission of the management of fire and space...Michael....Smile...Life appliances on the scornful table of a doored idnight...magnetic attitude through listening to the authority of the bills of shared rooms.This is hoteled life full of sins as cruel as flowers...knowledge of imitation..
Subversivebeauty....look.....art! .....Marker of truth.Revitalized glues and blues on V.screen..
cuecard on the coffee-glasses on the face of 30 capsules.Naughty knots on the life of suspended reality.Draw a line of linelessness.Free twisted lives in the airy motor-injected patients.
The worlds are worlding on the running road to floating flux.I wander why you are interested in others.Paradoxical nature of natural garden like likes and dislikes as possible as an icon of wavering encyclopedia.....I am not satisfied with satisfied satisfaction Up against the crabbed ash-today.Crowed whites...Ruber rings among the electrical engineers...Death...Neosurrealistic files
into the pencil of testing memory......Linguistic parody sentimental parody.....sesibility parody..
life parody...smoking parody parody of parody..
parody of distortion.O.K. Drink posion of coffee-cup.Parody on a bus parody in falling in love with arody...Paradoxical reality is realistic paradox....
Write a sentence of parody and parodox.Real with paradoxical and parodic context.
I respect all critic for their reality-like brains.
Thank you.Xerox ironic morning falls.Surgical fallacy of busted ghettos around the remarkable,
fictional achievement of nothingness-like nothingness out of influencial essays beyound regularities of everydayness.Vibration from the fogged and toxic humility out of postmodern mainstream anxiety.
Appearence of composing poetry is dead yesterday and tommorow is lately drawn back to generless continuity of varieties-varieties in the colour-free and line-free painted canvas of yours or mine.
Do you think you are a reader? Readerly realities are destructive elements for my station.....I'm going to Venclanblogoke now.Its
in your map of imagination.....syntax of mixed feeling...Families of fragmentation ever the head
of rational income....one thousand and ninety
kyats rained a lot...It's very different.It's very absent.It's very distorted.Play martial arts.
Objectivity of active facts.Passive eyes under
the sky of love.You are too early to die.Shocked salary can raise the beauty potluck.High-tech office of previewing tickets.It's the otherness of other people.
The real 'me' is purchasing truth.Don't care.Sported wearing clouds in song of benefit..
You are the only secretary of education....Open
up opening doors....Switch on the mental light.
Everything is flux.Flasks are broken mirrors
of trenches.No battles...chess playing companies
in the age of brokerage..Alex...come back again
to your nothingness.The picturesque bottom
line of the picturesque ship is lost in thought.
Thoughtlessness is not action-oriented approach
to your life.

Now its nine o'clock.
Morning? (or) Evening? (or)
Night? (or) Dawn?

I don't know. But I know the spreading maps of maps-matcher's pen.

September 1,1997

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