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4*22 - Poem by ERI CGP


Why don’t you just relax?
Why are you so damn intense?
Why torture yourself?
Why live every moment
Like it’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs?
When you’re 0 for your last 25?

Why do you give a little then pull back?
Why can’t you trust us?
What’s wrong with taking a break?
Getting a rest and chewing the fat?

Why are you afraid of the human touch?
Do you believe that all of us are going to take a piece of you?
Embarrass you in public?
Make you feel that the lowliest cretin on this earth?

Why endlessly compare yourself to humanity?
Do you think you’re better or far worse?
Why believe that everything is a curse?
Out of your control?
When you keep telling us the benefits, consequences
Are of your hands only?
Why continually write and recite songs of sadness?
Revenge and bitterness?
Cause I remember you as being a happy child
Full of innocence and wonder
What the hell happened to that little boy?

Why are you so stubborn?
Unable to forgive?
Who’s wronged you?
Did you ever think there’s a reason for their insensitivity?
Do you honestly believe you’re the only one who can bleed?

Do you believe you can be cynical, morose and still be satisfied?
Or will the release finally come with arms folded in a pine box?
Will you wake up and try to escape asking for one more chance?
Before it’s too late?
Is it man’s or God’s fate?


Topic(s) of this poem: fate, philosophical , questions, regret

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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