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A Broken Heart's Song

Rating: 4.0

A broken heart's song,
Starts out slow.
A confusion of melodies,
With easy flow.

Keys of a piano,
Play a sad tune.
But nothing compared,
To what comes soon.

Strings of violins,
Add to the gloom.
The broken heart's song,
Fills the room.

Confusion fades,
The hurt settles in.
As a Theremin's cry,
Creeps under the skin.

The pain is too much,
For the broken heart.
As the days go by,
The anger starts.

The beating of drums,
From hitting the wall.
The crash of cymbals,
As you begin to fall.

From confusion to pain,
To anger, now hate.
Guitars scream out,
As the music dilates.

Then suddenly it stops,
You remember when.
The broken heart's song,
Starts over again.

Mark Dillon 04 September 2012

Good stuff and well composed nice flow.

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Leslie Philibert 04 September 2012

Nice write with a compact, lyrical message

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Kevin Patrick 12 October 2012

Powerful and spellbinding, I’m normally not a sucker for love poems, but this was just excellent. Anyone who can make me like a love poem deserves a 10!

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Christine Blaydes 28 March 2012

Interesting, I like how it all flows together, makes sence too.

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Tiana Webb 26 March 2012

Wow, this poem is amazing. I can almost hear all the instruments making the carcophany of noise described. I can also feel the rhythm of the song as it plays, starting slow, then speeding up. It's like your poem is doing the same thing. It makes me want to read the start slow the speed up as I get farther down. Amazing! !

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Panda 21 March 2019


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Chinedu Dike 24 May 2015

Sequence of emotions of the brokenhearted - confusion to pain, to anger and to hate, well depicted in the poem. A well articulated piece of poetry, insightfully penned with conviction. A lovely poem written in poetic diction. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Sandra Feldman 02 January 2013

A broken heart is hard to mend For love is something you cannot lend. Your description is heartfelt and perfect And the pain is certainly felt. Musically pleasant verses

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Ajay Shaan 01 January 2013

Lovely write man. Visually aesthetic too!

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Ash .... 01 January 2013

nicely done... I like how a visual picture is potrayed as one reads through.

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