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A Poet's Confession Iv (A Fading Future) - Poem by Compton Wright

It's up to me to make a future for myself? That what they told me in high school
As I tried many times but things never went my way at all but only went into my
Doubtful intentions of me never having a bright future but just darkening one but
As real life just finally shown itself towards me as I'm a man in this society's eyes
No longer a minor but my mindset is still cartooning but that's my creativity but
Yet that's not bringing any money for the household for my mother to stop pressuring
About our lives for our college goals to be achieve but that's where winter comes along
Bringing its harsh frostbite temperatures to freeze my blessings in its steps for me to
Grasp around my waist as I'll take any opportunities that comes my way if given a chance

Seeing my depression lead me into slipping into a dark void of a dying abyss of being a failure
As my eyes only see darkness in people's heart and souls as trust is so vital for me now but
It's all trying to spot who worthy enough to hold on to my trust given and if not that than
How much am I willing to give to that person and now not know that this person would not
Judge my life, my secrets, and my existence of problems or hardships I surpassed but left
Scars upon not my body but the mind, heart and soul…so I drift along alone so I can't pull
Anyone down where my hopelessness lay upon my doubtful mind inside my own casket

Telling everyone to not to worry about me and put their time into someone who worth
The effort of helping for a change as sadness spreads like a deadly virus into your veins
Leading into grief and despair only fading my future even more into pure nothingness…
Bringing my friends, family and my lover into a rock in a hard place… so why try anymore?
Why strive for a bigger, better future if it will backfires and destroys in front of your eyes
Like shattered dreams when being awake in the morning of your alarm clock for a new day
There is no brightness but only darkness in my future as it'll continue to fade until there is
No more to give out for others to follow but a blank page in my last chapter of my book of life

Like a unfinished poem waiting for its last word to be complete but only to be abandoned for
Someone else to alter or change the flow of its existence…maybe that what I'm doing now…
Simply waiting for the next step but instead I'm just abandoned by my creator and waiting
For the devil to have his way with my future…altering, changing, transforming all I believe
But isn't what this world and evil spirited people do these days…manipulate you into what
They are today or maybe even become worse from what you were before…so pure and innocent
Until reality and the cold world simply morph itself all around us into the survival of the fittest…

Never will my future will be fairy tales but simply trying to live another day of this misery called life
Until my days on this earth ends and where I see a beaming light start dimming down into where my eyes
finally stop seeing the suffering of the unfortunates…than I can truly stop believing my fading future
becoming fulfilled…

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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