Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

All Have One Goal In Different Ways - Poem by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

X: : . Good Morning, my dear Y,
, . O Friend, How are you?
Y: : Good Morning, how are you?
in these days, what do you do?
X.: : As you know, O friend
have been ailing
In distress these days,
Facing unsatisfied present days,
Y: .: why so, o my dear friend
X: : O My friend,
As you know
I don't enjoy the books
don't want to exercise more
And most logical reason
Whatever written in scriptures
Time to time
Something which is immemorial
I could not follow them
exactly and fully
One disrupts other, then
Other discards another,
So many castes
So many Classes
So many Creed
So many languages
So many thoughts
So many sects,
All in competition,
To get highest,
Prestigious position,
As if
All are immortal,
Would be in
Position of
Superpower Almighty,
All scriptures propounded
Their school of thought.
I have faith
Only on scholars,
Churned the knowledge
Got essence of philosophy.
I visited
An eminent scholar
Surrounded by
And scholars.
Showing proper respect
I requested my eagerness,
in humble manner,
O Great Scholar! ! !
I am very disappointed
And perturbed on this Earth.
Y: My dear! I also see only
Struggle, malice, conflict
Tendency to torture the mankind
To get a small thing
For name, fame, property.
Life of people is not safe,
There is no point in Fighting for
Caste, creed, color, race, Religion, language and sect
People have made issues
much beyond human control.
When I look at the situation
I feel sad, I feel pity for what up we have done.
X: Firstly, he closed eyes
After some time he started
His voice,
O my dear! Lend me your ear please,
Almighty provided
Two eyes, ears, hands, legs, nostrils,
Concerned with action.
Digestion, respiration, circulation,
Excretion, reproduction, stimulation
Common biological process,
A gift of nature.
If all take food,
All drink
All exclude tears, laugh, walk, run, sing, dance, take birth in same way and
Lastly all leave earth
In same way,
There is only one difference,
That is only face model,
there is no difference
between a man
and other creature.
Same soul in
an insect and man.
Only cultural
Language difference,
The credit goes to
Geographic region.
Y: . Ya, . What under
A human control,
For which
I have got proud in myself.
Is a man in a position
To transfer one's soul
To another
May he regenerates
A man
In his own choice?
X: : If you are making
controversy of language superiority,
all have their mother language.
Mother language soul of anyone.
Y: : . Ya, This alright
Many scholars learning
other language
Earned name and fame,
and well respected.
X: : . O my dear! We are one,
only one.
Y: : All are one, we have come
on earth
for a very short
Span of life,
we are alive
due to a single soul,
we have to go
a distinct goal,
but there are many path.
we must be united
enjoy the life,
what Almighty has gifted.
X: : I am very pleased to interact with you today.
Y: : . Conversation gave me a lot of relaxations
True that we all should be united.
Nobody is above or below with someone.
Nobody is inferior or superior to anyone.
We all are equal! ! !
All have one Goal in different ways.

Topic(s) of this poem: world peace

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