Cougar Tale Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Cougar Tale

Rating: 4.3

I crouch beneath a lofty pine,
the meadow in my view.
That cougar pelt will soon be mine;
It's what I have to do.

He killed a calf of ours last week;
I followed him this far,
and we've been playing hide-and-seek;
it's been kind of bizarre.

At last I see him ---- what a shock!
It seems that he's a she!
Behind her follow little cubs;
I see there's two ---- no, three!

I can't make orphans of those cubs;
I'll leave them free to roam.
I grab my rifle and my pack
and start my way back home.

Cougar Tale
Susan Williams 03 June 2021

Took 3 weeks of trying and yelling and writing e-mails, but I am now able to log on for first time in three weeks

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Susan Williams 03 June 2021

top marks for this tale! !

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M Asim Nehal 19 May 2021

In the end the heart ruled over the mind and your idea to kill and crush vanished. Better sense prevailed over the thought.5****** To my favourite list,

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Deluke Muwanigwa 19 May 2021

Thanks for saving the cool cat.

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Kim Barney 22 June 2021

As Susan said, best hunting story ever!

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Smoky Hoss 22 June 2021

I love the picture pard, and the poem! You did right. I ran into one once years back while prospecting in Arizona, what a sight!

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Susan Williams 17 June 2021

You are definitely a real cowboy--taking care of the feller critters

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Susan Williams 17 June 2021

All star rating--bless your kind heart

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Bri Edwards 09 June 2021

Sweet! Get the father! ! ! I shall attempt to use this in a short June 2012 'Showcase', to be found in my list of recent poems. bri ;)

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Belle Wassermeister 08 March 2022

2012 Showcase? Ha, ha, ha! Wrong decade, Bri!

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