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I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met - Poem by IBRAHIM SUMAYYA

Everyone wish to explode into a million pieces
When I meet them
Everyone wish to stop me
From happening
But I keep repeating myself
No human being can avoid me
I am a part of all that I have met
Everybody gets their turn
When life is not anything close
To what they want it to be
I step in and they swear me
I am a part of being human
Don’t try to hide me
Don't try to feel embarrassed
I am of a great value
Not as bad as people think
Don't let people's compliments about me
Scare the dickens out of you
I am the healthiest way of teaching you things
A unique way to grow your comfort zone in life
Believe me, I am an eye-opener
And mind opener
When I increase their knowledge
They learn from what I teach
And never make the same one a second time
During their darkest hours
I shove myself deep inside
Slowly eat them from the inside out
Till they see that shimmering light
They keep silent even when I’m screaming inside
I swear my screams do no harm
I just try to say
Don’t let people rule your entire life
By pointing out your mistakes
They only see you for what you were
For the mistakes you’ve made
I’m sick of people and their drama
You don’t have to play the roles of their drama
Leave yourself out of it
There is something better out there in the world
Learn something about yourself
Realize that you are not your mistakes
Learn to live with the past mistakes you’ve made
Never carry them forward into the future with you
There is something worth more than you already had
Give every aspect of your life uniqueness
The ability to change your life completely

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