Hardik Garg (15 yrs)

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I And Three Of 'em (On A Journey To Joy) - Poem by Hardik Garg (15 yrs)

There were I and three of my friends
We wished to go on a journey, the one
To a world, the world of eternal joy and
We just knew the way to unite the ends
We set out for that world under the sun
It was scorching and the ground, was like a desert’s sand

It was quite strange for us to see that
The town was abandoned that day
As if a storm wiped all of ‘em
For there was, in sight, neither a person nor a rat
As we moved ahead, nothing we could say
In that dead silence, we saw a figure near a stem

It was a child perhaps, he seemed sad
Sobbing loudly in grief, probably for his mother
We stopped at his sight, I don’t know why
I ordered, ‘Come on! Let’s move ahead; don’t be mad’
One said, ‘I’ve got to aid him; he’s alone brother’
Unwillingly and unfortunately, we’d to say ‘Goodbye’

There were then just three of us for
The fourth had opted out; yet we moved
Near the Black Lake’s shore we saw
A strange, black goggled figure screaming by his heart’s core
He spoke ‘Help me lads, I’m old, need support’ and one of us approved
Another of us left; ‘GO then! ’ I fumed in awe.

Our duo crossed the Black Lake, determined towards the goal
Enjoying our meals and sharing tales beautiful
But again a faint voice spoiled my peace of mind
‘Water! ’ begged the thirsty man, lying on the ground like a tadpole
‘Don’t dare to’ I warned my eventual mate to be careful
‘I can’t let it be, sorry’ he said as I moved ahead leaving him behind

Now I was the lone man going towards the world of joy for
All my mates had left me all alone
Just to help three pitiful people, ruining their dreams
The emotions of my mind made it just like a war
Leaving me in anguish, they all were gone
But I told myself ‘I’ll go there alone, it seems’

Eventually I reached the door of that joyful land
It was too wonderful, for it took my breathe away
I stepped a foot ahead to enter into that place
But something stopped my movement like an invisible hand
My inner conscience told me, ‘Without them, No way’
I rushed to them, to go in with them at a rapid pace

But when I reached those places, I saw
The thirsty man had quenched his long thirst
The blind – old man was on his feet, independent
And the child with his mother, secure in her paw
But it was quite strange for I saw the worst
That there were none of my friends, they all had away went

In despair I wondered I had to go there without ‘em
I returned alone to that gate of the land of joy
To my extreme shock, they all were already there inside
‘Welcome mate to the world of joy’ said one of ‘em
‘Now you know why we reached here first’ spoke the other boy
The third justified, ‘You should’ve flown with time’s tide’

Why did all this occur to me, I still couldn’t get it
Eventually, they stepped out of that land to explain
‘The way to joy is through saintly deeds and
Not through a long journey our friend, got it? ’
‘Yes! ’ I replied and understood what I gave others – pain
Unworthy to step into that world, in despair forever, I left that land.

Topic(s) of this poem: child, inspiration, journey, joy, life, old, thirsty, truth, unworthy

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