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I'm Trying To Live At All - On The Way To Demobilization

November 3,1982
My discharge paper in my pocket.
And soldiers are divided in two.
Demobilized and demobilized
November 27,2020
Have been discharged paper
Our paths that end,
Gide gide endless paths
We have our ways of a lifetime

If I hadn't gone to the army, Kars would have remained a city name for me.
Two separate cities, all roads connect people, Road stories, road novels and
Events are similar, not forgetting road poems, Road Songs
Joy for some, sadness for others
I was discharged today from my most privileged days. November 3,1982
November 27,2020
I was a soldier of a free country when I left
My own room in a free country,
My bed, my right to sleep and wake, my right to right and wrong.
Freedom is to have crystal lungs.
Breathe In, Breathe Out

Freedom is a living being.
Not necessarily the subject's own
I'm one of those people who says freedom to do our part best. Books are banned in your country
And while it's inconvenient, the books will be free in my room. I'm a liar of guns, nations who live in pens live longer than nations who live in guns
Either the gun talks or the pen
One kills, one lives..

Sultan of Nur comrade Yegah-I
Ah, the jalopy cars of the 1980s,
You've always let your passengers down.
Cars trying to cross each other,
You'd think dust clouds were racing.

I'm going, like all love
On the country's roads with jalopy cars
We found ourselves with these jalopy cars
And when we have crossed the mountains, we have crossed the mountains.


If I had boarded the Kars platform
Every time Kars falls behind
I was going to say goodbye.


We were going to go with the clouds and the plane wings. As the Metal journey cuts our feet off the ground, you may not hear the migratory birds say to you from the plane window with a side eye
'A strange species of bird.. '

Eagles Fly High
Planes fly higher.
The plane that brought you to your loved ones,
Isn't it the same roads and planes that drive other military teenagers away from their loved ones? ?

Road and demobilization stories
Mine's a long road
Yours is a short airway

Whether car, train and plane
Go, be able to change
It is the most important and beautiful promise
Go is a religion without a book
I left behind 23 years, left behind
My military and Kars years.

Waking up to the sound of soldiers
Waking up with mother's voice
This difference…

November 2020
38 years after demobilization
A cheerful piece of paper that is not on the calendar
I don't have a discharge paper in my pocket
As the roads took me away from the ones I loved when I went to the army
My demobilization brought me to my loved ones.
Some of us died for the homeland, some of us gave free lectures, some of us didn't even know the way to the military branch thanks to his money.

Nazim to the minister of the Gendarmerie of the world
He wrote the poem ' Mr Dulles how many cents
A miracle proposal from Soros to the Turkish elders.. 'Mehmetchik blood is your best export product.. '
The blood of the country in these ahval conditions
With his bone, we were soldiers.

Believe me, this is my third military service.
My parents sent me to the army.
They waited for my military transformation and my way.

I waited for my son's way as a soldier.
Sirnak uludere rural district
Twelve-hour vigil in the mountains of northern Iraq
We served together.

I am waiting for the path of the soldier who will come with those who go like the winds, clouds and pencils.
I went from the east to the northernmost.
Passenger in the East will go west first
These roads will salute you.

A soldier from the East, memories of Kars in me, on the wall in a gas lamp
It looks like shadows that hit. All I have to do is turn on the light a little more
To accompany you to Kars..
It's like a road in human life.
My 61 - year life is like a traveler traveling between countries. Although it's not like a fairy tale
The road of history is mine

Memories my stamp collection,
Love little stamps
Unite, unite paths and hearts
Vertex stamps of life
It means you have it
Kars barracks front
Pasta, no beer days
The gray crowd moved
He's coming across.
When there's a distance between us
As if he wants to dispel the harsh air of training
Called out to me.. 'What news organization, what you are doing.'
I'M ' trying to live at all. '
Organizing' we're trying to live in US.'

The first time I saw the escalators when the land was flowing,
When I walk and my tooth hurts when I'm a tree in the park of life
Thinking or sleeping..'I'm trying to live at all '
When I buried my family,
In my most relentless illness, when the postman knocked on my door..

When I'm not an Apple to learn gravity and when I fall, it hurts so much
With memories stuck in the calendar
In my journey through the inner world of poetry
'I'm Trying To Live At All '
As the waves leave their memories on the beaches
Stuck in yesterday with today
Stuck in today with tomorrow
You'll always hear it from me
At the end of the book
The end of the poem

November 27,2020

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