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Oblivion Erased With Ink... Memoirs Of 3 - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I was so lost… blinded by the values
In every sense
That kept me rooted
In the binds of execution
I was living scary
Because the Spirit was a stranger to me
Used to curse a lot
Embracing all the fake acumen
Heard about the Gospel
I just thought about the singing
Not the Father, nor a change, of the product
Seeing mama
Hope to probably be a problem to the robber named satan
Just to prosper, gain acknowledgement
This strange place…
Guess it's safe to say
But light's in the future
The only true hope to live is if we die to illusions
Ain't hit the curb
I don't know how, I'd drive disillusioned
I said I don't know
But it was God
Who'd guide where I'm moving
A troubled youth, heading no where fast
Deep inside lies the truth
Every soul is
But there's some actors, perfect
Get enrobed into desires not your own
Being committed to the boat, and row to fires down below
And slowly
Witnessed actions, but this joke, society, don't know me
Twisting up the fabrics of the magic
That it try to throw me
Trashing pride
Come to grips with past, laughing at the skies
Dear God, I know you see what I see
Passion that survives
Still, the absent tactics capture me
I can deal with it, thinking back to the crass, cool
I'm at the park, feel winded
Throw it up bust em up, I'm still in it, tackling on the sidewalk
The foolish things us children
And like the indigo, I had a different feel within
More preoccupied with sending hope than with a villain's spin
Fell in love and never tell her
'Cause demoralized
Just to find, she never settled, we was more aligned
Torn up letters, wasn't shy, but demoralized
Targeted by bullies, not the
Physical, the oral
For we ain't have it bad as some, mama made it happen
But wasn't good enough for some, lame rags wasn't good enough for some
Every now and then, a youngster, played rapping though I sucked
Wasn't serious, but was fearless, in the front
Feeling low as hell…
Clearly, ain't the phrase, seeing scripture, for contentment
But I think I need a hug, about to kill myself
Fourteen, sitting in the mirror
Trying to think of something, looking up blogs, I don't want to make it bloody
Easy to get a blade, I ain't taking it to school though
Next morning, bus stop, and it's cold out
Lonely in this world
Little youngster, baby, hold out, don't want to see you gone
Though it don't feel like it, hold firm!
Still struggling with demons
Though I'm grown
But Jesus on my side, when I speed, He tell me slow down!
Ain't nobody ever cared, I had to think of something, want acceptance
Anything to help the deadness that I felt
Don't nobody understand
But only judge, in the smoke light, same stories in the hood
Stolen bikes, and it ain't nothing like the olden times
Frozen cup ladies selling everything
Beauty in the tragedies of
If we look deeper, but I ain't wishing it, us humans, in a hooked sequel
When it's hard to manage, like I see
Trading other values, confidence with arrogance, conceit
I remember when…
I ain't have a thing to believe, casting off myself, but now I know
You have to advocate your own or step
Ain't nobody else to do it for you, God gave me some soil, I can call my own
For that, forever loyal
I ain't strong all the time, so I need the Lord to be a shoulder
And He will never disappoint
I have grown a lot, until the day you die, you have to fight
Just in different forms, never to degrade the holy Light, and life, right
All make it…
Today, we see the end of earth is near
Taking vision from ourselves, and to place it on the sin that burns us here
Only then, can we really face the problems
And that's the mirror
That's who I'm starting with
All the extra's interfering, in the clear, with space erased with ink
I ain't meant to be a perfect one, but this is me
And I ain't going out at all
Slipping enmity, for a bigger cause
Not about the rifts of history, but for in resolve

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