Lacey Latham

Relationships! - Poem by Lacey Latham

You and him.
are like lock and key
but TRUE love you can not see
Your one is there you see him here
you see him there.

But your blind to the fact that you love isn't intact.
you need to see him
you need to talk, he wants to take a walk

But you freeze up. Your hearts stops....
then pounds

Your heart beats harder your speechless
your fingers and body are buzzing oldy
Funny you talk,
nothing comes out
He says: 'hey, whats up'
'have you seen the new cup? '
-you leave-

When you can talk to him,
you look so slim
he tells you your great..
and hes your First mate..
the captian on your ship

Someone tells you a tip,
you follow it, he....
he.. walks away.
you say 'HEY! ',
he ignores you!

Love is Harsh, Everything good ends
I lost my heart that day,
flew away
but they thats just
what i say

_lacey latham

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 4, 2006

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