Mystic Indian

karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India
Mystic Indian
karaikal, Pondicherry State, India presently living in Madras, Tamilnadu State, India
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That Old Fashioned Thing - A Ballad In Free Verse

Rating: 4.8

On a fine morning, she died

–like in the chick flicks, and ‘don’t-know-how-to-end-it’ romance novels.

Like her, It was a rare disease that took her by surprise,

It wasn’t her choice – it would never be

had she had the chance.

This was her first and only time she fought and lost a fight.
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Deepti Agarwal 18 August 2009

its lovely.. i felt as if first i ws on one mountain then slipped into a valley of self pity n then rose again to full height of another mountain.. :)

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Seema(Aanamika) 80 10 August 2009

Very beautiful & touching poem! thankx for sharing.10

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beautiful! ! ! i really liked this one too! full of expression. but now i see why you only have a few poems, because they're all so long! lol

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touching..... so natural.....very good aaryaan..... i was quite moved and i wanted to sign in and give my comments..... its difficult to write what i felt while reading.......' there is life in it'... ' there is love in it'.

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Catrina Heart 06 August 2009

Such a beautiful written ballad here...I had a wonderful read...heartfelt and words flow like a stream...10+++

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Obinna Eruchie 26 September 2009

An emotional ballad written in free verse. Well done.

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Vandavasu Vittal 10 September 2009

I pignant love story from the hand of a loved soul atleast you gav and got back love well WOnderful poem.

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Ravi Sathasivam 06 September 2009

Beautiful and well expressed poem. Touching story Enjoyed reading it

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Onelia Avelar 05 September 2009

I have always tried to imagine what is beyond the sentence ‘Then, they lived happily ever after.” You reverse the story so that before becomes an after and this sentence seems to be charged with a new refreshed meaning ‘Then, they live happily ever after.”...amen

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Mubeen Sadhika 03 September 2009

its a touching story. Nicely penned.

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