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The Abusive Man

Rating: 4.9

I understand why you won't leave him.
It's because no matter how many times he hits you,
slaps you,
humiliates you,
or even degrades you;
you can still look at him and see the same man who
once cherished you,
praised you,
worshipped you.
The same man who promised you

more than the moon and the stars.
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Anna mimi 17 April 2009

I finally found it! Well, ..: It's a very good poem....I think a lot of women go through this every day. They still stay with their husband even though he does those things to her. ~Anna~

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Tobias Gray 14 April 2009

i dont like abusive people...this is a good poem tho...

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Jerry Hughes 14 April 2009

Londiwe, I've little respect for men who on beat women, I trust this poem isn't personal. Warmly, Jerry

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Tyler Tillett 14 April 2009

This reminds me of my poem I worte called Dog's Love, Please read when you get the chance ^^ Very good poem. I hate abusers.. >.<

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Beau Bennett 14 April 2009

I may not have added it by the time you read this but if you want a different percpective on the whole abusive man thing ill be posting a poem i wrote years ago called 'Love you to death' Unfortunetly for most women in an abusive relationship like this they never leave for whatever the sad reason is but ive tried so hard so many times with so many beaten women to love them and offer them real security and always they've stayed. some tried to give excuses others did not but all of them im sorry to say deserve what they get after they refuse to leave (as long as the jackass abuser isnt threatening to kill them or hurt there children) well no im sorry no one deserves that but you get out what you put in, and as long as they wont see that there better than that as far as there conserned they never will be just like an anerexic super model as long as she thinks shes fat she is. its all personal perspective.lol wow im sorry ive gone on long enough your poem was great, just like i want you to see it from my perspective youve shown me yours in a very real and strong way thank you

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Isabella Genova 24 April 2009

That is one of the most powerful poems I've read in awile! I'm glad I got t oread it :)

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Jun Insigne 24 April 2009

Touching Poem, Thanks.

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Allen Henriette 21 April 2009

You really get into it.I'm deeply touched.

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Dee Daffodil 20 April 2009

Understanding someone in this way, is the first step to offering the help that is required to change the situation. No one has the right to hurt another individual. this might seem idealistic, but trust me on this one. I worked with women in abusive relationships for six years, and still do on occasion. Understanding, and not turning away from your friend is a very good thing that you are doing. Your friend (?) needs your support. Often it may take 40 or more assaults, before a woman will finally reach out for help. The two most dangerous times in an abusive relationship, are pregnancy and seperation. Be there for your friend and offer whatever help you can. Hugs, Dee

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Jithu Varghese 19 April 2009

there is really gr8 feel to it... nice write....

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