Nicole D'Settemi

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The Long Road - Poem by Nicole D'Settemi

There is always a story
A narration
We want to know
Of that 1% margin
Those who chose
To star in life's indie movie
The obscure show
The ones who decided
To Brave The Long Road

I tried to be authentic, I wanted to be real
Happy Hiking along this poisonous trail
So it was inevitable not to go
Down a path, tripping and unreal
A journey through the seven gates of hell
It was glowing in its darkness
I came at it unstrapping life's harness
A place, a path, a dark opera, The Aphotic Theater
A spectacular death walk, a warped little show
It was the one and only
Long Road

Dark skies smothered by a batch of looming clouds
Portentous scenes
Displayed on cinematic, earthly wide screens
My path's seams
I continued to sew
Heading towards a Cimmerian cult
Actors in the show
Along that same old Long Road

Lives shattered, scattered, discarded, dumped
Destiny that even I couldn't top or attempt to trump
The stories, the people I met
Spewing fables about no regrets
Traipsing down the path, no matter how cold
Yes, it was that same old story—
The Long Road.....

The wrong road
The Long Road
I found as I walked
The message was clear;
Written all over the pavements in chalk!
Warning signs, drenched with graffiti
Words I ignored
Because I just wanted to be me
But the danger like nails
Scratching down that board!
I became terrified of the blood
The guts and the gore!
I'm walking
I'm running
I'm screaming
They're coming
The road's no longer bare
I scream because I see them all there
The demons—
Still chalking
High pitched screams
Sounds just like crows, moribund as their balking!
Phrases I can't read
Because my eyes start to bleed
Evil grins, and laughing
While I'm throttling
I gasp, as I try to grasp
All of it, head smoking
Looking for the joker
Because they have to be JOKING
My unrelenting knowing;
I must escape
Before it's too late
As much as I do crave
To be liberated and brave
Not callous, not cold
More like brazen, and bold
Never confuse them,
There are THREE roads
I chose the wrong road
But, now I know the difference
Erroneous may be worse
As the demons disperse
All over the road
It's a hex and a curse
Never confuse the difference between
What's genuine and what's evil
What's barbarous and mean
What classifies you as anything
But a human being
With individuality and sacrifice
The truth, versus the scene
Theatre and histrionica—
Here's the difference between
The show, and the game
The humanity, and the sane
Madness and death
The quiz versus the test
Grief, cruelty, and well, you know the rest…

One More time
I must go
I must search for the authentic road
I must film the true life story, no show
I must do it now, must go
And head down the correct path
No longer the right road
No longer the wrong road
But, yes you've guessed it:
Number THREE is The Long Road

© copyright 2017-2018 The Long Road Nicole D'Settēmi

Topic(s) of this poem: individuality, suicide, death

Form: Verse Paragraph

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