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The Zalonka - Poem by Orlando Belo

As you know I’m not one to fantasize,
but last night I saw a Zalonka’s eyes.
It seemed to come from out of the sky,
but please don’t ask me how or why.

You may of course think and wonder,
how I knew it was a Zalonka.
Well, I remembered it from a pictured text,
and this is what happened next.

With its evil green and bloodshot eyes,
like all Zalonkas’ it began to hypnotise.
I became much lighter and departed the ground,
I must have passed out until I heard an unearthly sound.

It had transported me to Zalonkasar,
its home world on this far away star.
The unearthly sound was that of the Zabaway,
that never stopped chattering night or day.

Zalonkas’ have no nose, so it cannot smell,
but they do love Zatts’ and that I could tell.
So it got me to hunt for a healthy baby Zatt,
and really there was no easier task than that.

When I caught this awfully smelling Zatt it cried,
and told me as a captive, it would die.
Full of sorrow I untied its bonds and set it free,
which got the Zalonka most annoyed with me.

He said that I would spend the rest of my days
inside a turning wheel, that dips and sways.
However, the Zatt I released came and rescued me,
and took me to its home in a huge stone tree.

The problem with this was its awful smell,
which made living there a living hell.
With deep regret I had to tell friend Zatt,
I couldn’t stand any more of that.

Fortunately, he had a friend called Zucandazar
who could transport me from that star.
With his large blue green, and penetrating eyes
he proceeded to talk, and hypnotise.

I felt my feet and body rise from the ground,
and then I heard a familiar sound.
He had brought me back to planet Earth,
in fact close by to my place of birth.

So, now I never look into a stranger’s eyes,
for the fear they may try to hypnotise,
and take control of my thoughts, and mind,
and leave me in a world of a different kind.

Topic(s) of this poem: fiction

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