T. (no first name) Wignesan

Timed Out - Poem by T. (no first name) Wignesan

Timed out

…with what do you buy time
in stockmarket time
where would you store time
who guards the stored stock time
swishing past time
would time bought be just as good/pleasant/weighty/drawn out
come unstuck as hot noodles joyous/pervading/impalpable/harking back trillions upon trillions of light years unborn as ageing time aching in weary time

stand time on its head and roll it forward into the future
will it come back to ask for more time
the shaman's gunig riding the dream tiger
the tiger standing stock still amidst the dense Yijing yarrow stalks
sixty-four times six lines for stripes the future filtering through the narrow centre of the coins flipping in the vitreous humour a nanosecond on the retina rolling back on the optic nerve to re-
form the hexagram fixed in perennial time

if time would waste and wear you out
and time and time again you're timed out
stilled in torrid time
moveable time
unchimed time
frozen time
take time out to time time
yes time is when you knew how to mind time
now time twotimes you

in what time do you wake up
d'you sleep in borrowed time
burrowed into time

are you conscious of the time you were in heaven
did the pleasure last till the end of time

now time slithers on its belly
when you keep time with your feet
crushing its ribs in the beat
2-4-3-2-5 222 4
take the pulse of this time and hang it on the clothesline
any time time its timeliness
time disentangles dislocates deranges
in extra-time

on which time are you treading
the time of your life
the time you laid your life down
timed out au-delà

how many times is one and the
only time
can you time time
parallel time
synchronic time
diachronic time
successive times
blackholed time

is Big-Bang the only time bomb

is time spent backwarding time time lost wandering time time reduced to timelessness deadtime filtering through time gone forever time lost in a singularity infinite time without trace time assassinated by time time frst started in res media bent time lassoed by gravity turned back time lashing kicking snorting time dying to join its unbigbanged time

time that kills kills time beyond time

does the time
you carry on you
carry you

do you occupy space or time
do you take space with you
when you're gone

past time

From the privately pub. coll. (re-worked: 2016) : longhand notes (a binding of poems) ,1999,115p.
© December 13,1995 T. Wignesan - Paris

Topic(s) of this poem: time

Form: Free Verse

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