7 Natural Opposites(Number 10-13) Poem by Prideless Idiot

7 Natural Opposites(Number 10-13)

Take a long walk in the park, get hit with a mighty force from the dark.
Trying to balance steady, get called upon with a go un ready.
The mindless crowd runs ahead before me, chasing a dream so shiny.
I cast down, look back at my filthy hands, the blood was worth the reaped blend.
I want to hide myself from the world, but it just has to show me what the future holds.
I open myself to its cut-out, but it comes swinging me with a perfect knockout.
Lament as I may have, I feel devil possession take place, in the center of mayhem.
Engrain my thick brain, with the pain of lame gain, it has swirled into a world with no rain, veign, or gein.
To recover and find a better way, just causes the pressure to kick the notch for one day.
To let it alone, feels like the notch settles its tone.
Behind its calm demeanor, brews a storm of hard liquor.
When its face goes disfigured, I could not even figure, that it was always your lure.
As I drown in ecstasy, I remember I was supposed to hate this fantasy.
My mind flashed back to that time, we were all kids playing mime.
Somehow through my swim and flight, I still can't see laughter, taste pain, hear death, it all just feels so bright light.
I thought senses were supposed to help you sense around, not numb till you reverse pound.
I thought more thoughts were supposed to help you navigate, not lead you to a trap gate
I thought feelings were supposed to be on a spectrum, not cut into some sections, and have some of them disposed of as spectral rectum
And I thought life was supposed to be rich, and composed of novelty, not a game of poverty
You introduce me to riches, only to find me the worst way to rag me, bitches.
I stand up to gain power, and you suck me in with a flower.
What more, can be asked for, through four, or furthermore, thorough falls?
Stuck in a dimension of illusion, the scent does not give me a false conclusion.
I see your subjects who have wept and died before you, I am not to make that for myself true.
Cut me open, I still hold my pen, have it sharpened.
I can still write with in it, but what for when I can slash them through your tits?
Milk and blood gush out to the floor, I enjoy my treat before I move to the door.
Looping around the scenario till I fall short of conscience, I still can't figure out what you find so precious.
Use all your energy to keep me in this bubble, why would you not rather jump in a puddle?
I take what eternity sees as eternity, and I see yet another loop around me.
A shadow walks to me from the distance, with locks and chains tying around him, walking at a weird cadence.
'Hi, I must assume you are trying to escape the horrors of this place? '
'Yes, and I want to do it faster than this unreasonable pace'
He laughs maniacally, as if I am some sort of folly.
I raise my brows to meet his head, fastening my stead, not making my stain marks red.
'You see that door above you? Open it, fool'
I stab myself through with my last chance, I don't feel anything dense
I pace through the locketeer, full of suspense.
It feels so empty, definitely not up to any of my expectancies.
I look back at the shadow, and he disappears through the back row.
I now see a fleeting image of me, looking much like both a depressed and happy decree.
Infinity is empty to be all empty, will always be full empty, no matter how much we try to make it look deity.
To look for a bright object above you, diminishes your already low placing of fool.
Make good complete use of it, create the best things in life, and play that track on repeat.
All things shiny are hollow, so why bother to thread the played follow?
Even if crush and curse were to be my life's motto
I still rest wholly assured
Curating meaning from the endless circles we draw around ourselves runs my motor.
Just take walks, even if you get parked.
Balance yourself, even if it means getting death-shelved.
Life was cut into two halves, chaotically they separately delved.
It led to this build-up for nonsense and reroutings, leading to trappings and nonsense-spouting.
If one thing were to be taken, don't care what follows,
Make what you want happen, let it happen.
Feed light into darkness, make angels and demons best friends.
As what was unwanted, was natural.

Clashing opposites exist in this world. Why so frustrating, that I cant just experience the good things and leave the bad things be, just let me enjoy my life as it is.
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