And She Prunes The Blooms Poem by Chinyelu Agwu

And She Prunes The Blooms

Because in the garden
We laugh
And we love
When tangled in her loose wrapper
Hearing the story of her nine months
In the womb of the earth
And of fire.

Who sees the beauty in the fragile fetus
The unformed joy for a full population
And schedules dozens of ante-natal handshakes
To hold in a jar
The beginnings of an era,

Who tastes the beauty in the steaming pots
To balance the beans, the yam, and the rice
In a palate of alluring aromas
That swell and quench the hunger
And the thirst?

Who feels the beauty of the clean, soft, billowing curtains
Swiping across sand-free lounges
And rooms
To guide the finishing
Of after-school tasks and projects
To invite the warmth of siesta
And the rest for his tired, spreading frame
After a day's hard job?

Not he alone, not he alone
Knows this need
To ease the unease.
For in the shops
She sells with smiles
But counts with a frenzied glare
The glints and wads of a hard-earned reward.
At the office
She robes
As doctor, lawyer, teacher, banker
And as a figure of all the myriad labours
That the lay could lay on
To poke into sore nerves
Pore into files
Pave the future of green-eyed learners
And seal the deals that finance their tomorrows
Through a thousand labours.

In this no-jungle arena
Wrestling with the future is a hard-won fight
Coaxing the blooms,
Trimming the edges
Need the heartbeat
Of a full-breasted warrior.

This is the fifth poem from the I See No Jungles Here poems in the trilogic poetry collection titled, It's No Fantasy, written for Nigeria in 2022. The three parts are titled as follows: I See No Jungles Here; I See the Living; and It's No Fantasy. The first, second, and third parts contain eleven, eight, and five poems respectively. The collection reinstates a belief in Nigeria's ability to conquer its multiple problems which are depicted in the poems using imagery of realism, fantasy, and social reconstruction.
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