T. (no first name) Wignesan

Is There An Exclusive All-In-One Principle - Poem by T. (no first name) Wignesan

‘ In general, quantum mechanics does not predict a single definite result for an observation. Instead, it predicts a number of different possible outcomes and tells us how likely each of these is. ‘

Which side of the Wolf-coin are we looking at
the red or the green

nothing then is certain
not even death but the life one endures

quarks protons neutrons electronsbosons
particles like men and beings in general
bathe not necessarily in the same lifeless soup
great teachers or rather teachers with great followings
those that always attract those who prefer to let others do the thinking for them
especially through transcendentally transmitted interstellar telegraphy
would want us believe
there's just This One
and all comes and goes to That Only ONE

If only it were just as simple as that
Then what is it that This One wants
Or is It caught up in its own caveat
And must of needs come apart
on the seed that It alone plants

and do what we may
nothing goes wrong
whatever the explanation
everybody is right
right from the start

Big Bang from a tight-fisted unfurling hand
Big Crunch to a crushing tightening stranglehold
and out again
for the Brahma Day
and after aeons the Brahma Night

And at the stillstanding blackhole singularity
neither space nor time
squeezed in and out
Birth as in Death
An eventual point of total extinction
if ever there was one

Yet always the two extremes
and the ever-changing in-betweens
Matter versus Anti-Matter
Here the Yang is not lkely to be set againt the Yin
Though matter itself is neither
Is nor Is-Not-ness
And the 96% Dark Matter
And the infinite number of parallel universes
Does it really matter

‘ … if you meet your antiself, don't shake hands!
You would both vanish in a great flash of light.'

Vanish into what
Dark matter
or just non-dark matter

Still the duality of matter
Still the ever-changing conundrum

Everything moves jostles couples alters reproduces destructs

‘Sex is emotion in motion.'

Emotion erupts
into thin air
into where
Dark air

Motion disrupts
and roots one here
tied to the lunar year

why should it matter
if we cannot know the reason why
ego id libido
drive faith fame femme father future

if super/alter ego connects the ego
to the collective unconscious

why drown the self in the Great Self
by wilful act
when the Ultimate One
is the sum of all the little ones

Is the Original One incapable of absorbing all the ones
each of whom must move to eat drink sleep
copulate make money grow roots in a society
get and fight to keep a job
make love marry raise children
struggle to keep one's wife one's children
one's house if one can get one
one's career one's future
and helter-skelter race to cheat death

If it's the self-same thing that's being born anew
What does it matter if it keeps changing in view
Of the desperate haste with which everything
We see smell hear feel intute sense
Keeps hurtling away from the Ding an Sich
And leaves us with a parochial Milky Way
Bastardised stealthily by grandiose Andromeda
Left retrograded entwined within measely galaxy clusters
Through some trillion cataclysmic light years

What's the impulse to keep moving
Is the yogi's stilled-centre
The death of all action
Which cannot call for a reaction
Or is the art of keeping still
Merely the art of making belief

‘…actors act out the pun that life is the art of acting
until your performed role becomes your normal character. Then you are safe inside your character armour.'

As soon as you have thought It out
It turns around and re-structrures Itself out
and you know just why
don't you now

References to the quotations

Stephen W. Hawking, A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, London-New York,1988.
Attributed to Mae West.
Eric N. W. Mottram, « Men & Gods: A Study of Eugene O'Neill », Encore (London) ,1963.
I'm not sure the « re-structuring » bit at the end comes from
Steven Weinberg or John Gribbin, or perhaps even from Fred Allan Wolf?

© T. Wignesan - Paris,2005; rev.2012. From the collection: Poems Omega-Plus,2005.

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