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My Best Friend Ana(Anorexia)

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crying, you wont let me out

dying, whats this all about

trying, but can not get free

hungry, i feel so empty

sick, you wont let me eat

sad, im just a fat freak
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Anna Banu 14 June 2020

Wow, the last two lines gave me chills (Like actual real shivers that went through my body)

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Ana Mia 03 December 2011

this is good writing

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Stella Andrews 19 February 2010

pro ana? im wearing a red braclet. it sucks doesnt it, but at the same time i love it. its like a drug addiction, its under your skin and in your head. i dont feel hungry anymore. i just feel kind of numb..

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Saira Sms 21 January 2008

wow i hope u realy aren't going though that cause i've been there. one comment changed my life and still get self concence to this day about my body. i stoped eating and it just became habit to eat less and less. i didnt' get super skinny and i was able to get out. but everyso often i do find my self going back to that mind set. its hard but u've got to find help.

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anonymous one 21 January 2008

.. i like.. keep writin

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