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One Thing You Must Believe

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Enjoy your life today.
Thanksgiving is on the way.
They come and go so soon.
Look at the Harvest Moon.

Take a peaceful walk.
To beautiful nature talk.
Holidays come and go.
They come so fast you know.

Find joy in little things.
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We anticipate the holidays so much, and I am the main one. It's so easy to forget about today when we're so wrapped up in tomorrow. And then before we know it, that long-awaited holiday has come and gone. And then for a moment, the light seems to have gone out of our lives, and the joy with it. So create things in your life that give you that same kind of joy everyday, while you're anticipating a holiday.
Jesus Diaz Llorico 26 September 2013

Holidays are the days of rest, recreation and vacation. These days usually are short and you don't know it's already gone. It is so right to create your own enjoyment. A deep and lovely thought. Really something we must believe.

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Gajanan Mishra 24 September 2013

little bird that sings, good poem, thanks.

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Khairul Ahsan 19 May 2018

Every single day is a new day and there is so much to find in it! 'Find joy in little things. A little bird that sings. Wake up! Enjoy today. Only good things say.' - Loved this stanza. Thanks for the 'Poet's Notes'. I agree entirely to what you've said!

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A powerful perspective pertaining to the importance of little things. Well done my friend!

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Sj Holland 01 November 2013

Thanks for reading, Roseann. Will read one of your poems.

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Roseann Shawiak 30 October 2013

Especially as you grow older, years fly by, let alone the holidays. Creating poetry gives me that joy every day. Thank you for your comments on my poem, Unafraid. I really appreciate them. RoseAnn

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Sj Holland 01 October 2013

Hi Jesus: Thanks for reading. For single people, depression comes just before the holidays. For everyone, it can often come immediately after. We can recapture that joy each day, with effort.

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