Surgeon Of Old Soles Poem by Ebi Robert

Surgeon Of Old Soles

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Sequence upon sequence,
trade upon trade.
Trade this trade and let them wait.
O' come.
Sequence store.
All with trade to my store.
Sequence upon sequence,
awl upon awl.
Or come to my store and get it burnt.
Here a few,
there some shoes.
Here the cobweb upon my sequence.
Here somehow, trading far.
For soles is the sequence,
a surgeon would serve.

Those who know flavius will know how!
Urshula Davis 15 June 2012

I like this a lot i just wish i could understand the message behind it! Love it!

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 16 June 2012

Your reference points and messages of focus are first-class. You're a far-reaching poet. Keep it up, brother!

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Miss Darkness 16 June 2012

nice rhymes i like the words u have used but the message behind this poem is too far to reach maybe this is ur point i don't know.. but i think there's a problem with the sequence of ur ideas that's why i ddnt understood ur point any way keep it up and well done :))

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Ebi Robert 16 June 2012

Sir captain cur, I admire your comment on my poem 'surgeon of old soles' I Personally left the poets note open. Yes there are many flavius, but the flavius there is the flavius of julius caesar because my inspiration was gotten there. If you know flavius, you will know how, yes' because only those who read julius caesar will know the brain behind this page. Flavius had a dialogue with a cobler and a shoe maker, known as surgeon of old shoes. Which i renamed surgeon of old soles' Sir, I believe poetry has a unique stlye of passing its message. Poetic license is no license for joke. Am grateful and appreciate you words. Thanks

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Captain Cur 16 June 2012

I read the poem and your note. There are different people named Flavius. I also did not completely understand your meaning. I think that the surgeon is a healer of souls, but I did not understand the meaning of the repertitious use of the words sequence or trade. It is ok to challenge the reader but if you are to vague you lose the impact of the poem.

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The Poet Darkling 15 June 2012

You have a god grasp of flow and meter, I like your style! But, I hate to say, I am a bit confused by the meaning of this poem. I think you may be using the wrong word? If you mean souls instead of soles then that makes more sense to me. I would like to encourage you to keep writing, you do possess a natural talent for it.

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Ebi Robert

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