Johnathan Andrew Collins

The Fall - Poem by Johnathan Andrew Collins

I sit, staring at the grey waters.
Though grey,
Gold shimmered through like liquid amber,
Murky yet bright.
My feet hanging in the air,
dangling from the rocky precipice.
From such a height,
I felt like an eagle,
Swooping down to catch my prey.
My clothes were tattered,
My face pale and wan.
My body clammy,
My eyes bloodshot,
My eyes! My bright eyes!
Hiding a million emotions,
A land where shadows lie,
Forever away from the sunlight.
Red, blood red,
All for her,
Those drops of sadness for her
That ran in multitudes down my face,
Staining my face forever with sadness.
I thought of her,
Constantly of her,
My love,
My one and only love,
Forever beloved,
She who broke my already torn heart,
Into halves, then quarters, then eighths,
Then into infinite pieces,
Every fragment that contained
The entire world's
Despair and agony.
I sit, gazing into the sea.
My heart beating like a drum,
The world's loudest drum,
Reverberating forever in my mind.
My body inched forward,
A smile planted forever on my face.
This was my moment,
My best and final moment.
I leaned forward
And I fell

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poem Edited: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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