The Person Within (Love Yourself) Poem by Sneha R

The Person Within (Love Yourself)

Rating: 5.0

The whole world crucifies me,
"I did it for you " I scream my throat out-
Trying hard to gain from the pain
And escape from this darkness forever

I care so much, too much..
But they always have "others",
I try and try to make their heart jump with joy
But (I don't know why)my heart is always the only one which doesn't.

"Hello I am here, at least look at me please" I scream,
But nobody turns, nobody even looks
And made me believe that this world is full of stones
Everybody's in my heart but me, in nobody's.

"Hey just talk to me, smile"
I scream as the people ignore me
"Hey did I do something to make them sad" I ask
"I don't know, you must have" the mind says.

How long will this ache last? Forever?
I don't know how but still in this body
There's a part which still believes that someone's there
There in the shadows loving me without being loved by me

But still after the scrutiny they (the people)remain within me
And nobody can take them away from me
Not even them, not even me
They will be mine and only mine
For me to love and define
this love between me and just me

I love to make them love
Not only me but everybody
But how is it possible that it turns
Into everybody but me

Yes this one way love is all I seek
The most painful but beautiful thing ever
A love mine and only mine
And nobody else's will it be

In the nights of fantasy and dreams
I speak to them, they speak to me
But in dreams, only in dreams
In this heart, this very broken heart....

And after the breaks and the takes
I found one within me.  The part of me that loves
me and only me
The quirks, pieces and the "joker" in me
Everything within me
With these people and the broken pieces...

The Person Within (Love Yourself)
Monday, December 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: alone,love,pain,sadness
It's about accepting who you are, your quirks, the joker that you sometimes can be and, above all, your imperfections. Embrace yourself and celebrate your life after all you are the only one you've got. People will come and people will go but you will always be you.
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