Guilt Poems: 384 / 500

By The Bedside

Rating: 2.1

there's no universal way to demonstrate tenderness
each person shows it differently

like the leaves fall from the trees
at varying speeds.

this is what exempted me of the guilt
that inevitably came when one autumn day
she stopped rising, her movements around the house
became shuffles, and her brain shut down on the left side.

she could no longer function.
many of us cannot function in society-
but she did, and she did nobly and with all heart, and half brain,
until it was impossible; as strong as she was
she became incapacitated.

unable to speak,
only whisper & nod.

still i slice the ginger root
and prepare her tea

this time with an added teardrop

the decline was so sudden like a stroke
a death-sentence
but that's how it is when death is unwelcome.

Jerry Hughes 31 October 2008

Obviously someone close to you Sus, beautifully and poignantly written piece. A side of you we don't see enough of, sad to say...

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Alison Cassidy 31 October 2008

This one touches me more deeply than you can imagine. A restrained and emotionally powerful response to a bleak, unforgiving scenario. Your are a fine writer with a beautiful heart. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Gregory Collins 28 October 2008

without logic, can creativity exist, or without creativity, can logic exist, not really funny how the right side of the brain controls the left side of your body and vice verse, why has nature created such a crossover, and why are there a hundred butterfly skelotons sleeping in this poem? I have the half-shadow of a question, and you keep just out of reach

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Margaret Alice 20 October 2008

Yet, although death is unwelcome because YOU are losing her, death means the release fo her spirit from a body that became a prison and you will see her again if you know about your spirit, and if you believe death is the end of everything, then at least blissful rest is awaiting us and that is better still than suffering - wishing you well, deeply moving, this will not take away the pain, I know.

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