KAT Priddy

Looking At The Depressed - Poem by KAT Priddy

Look into my eyes and you will see, See a girl who wants to nothing more than to feel loved and free. It's like being caught between heaven and hell. The devil hates you and gives you that empty feeling inside. While Jesus loves you and wants to give you wings so you can fly away and be free.

Look into my heart and you will see, See thats it's in pieces. It was once alive and beating now it's an empty space inside of me!

People say looking into someones eyes is like a way to read them.? You can tell how they are feeling and such. But when you look into mine you will only see emptyness! There is No happines! !

If you get a chance to be inside someones heart, you know you are loved and that they are the one who loves you. But I cant love or be loved back. How can one love another, If they don't lovce themselves? ?

So in the end when you see me you're looking at emptyness, but really your just looking at the Depressed!

Katie Priddy

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 7, 2009

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