levignia jaise

Zfeelings - Poem by levignia jaise

You say you love me, I really hope that's true
Cause I was telling the truth when I said I love you too
I promise you I'll never hurt you
Wanna stay woth you, I'll never desert oyu
When I think of you my chest gets tight
Can't describe ths feeling, just know it feels so right
Cause i think of you so much I can; t even sleep
But then I think maybe I'm in too deep

Cause I don; t know what I would do if you were to leave
When i think of not having you breathings hard for me
You hug me so tight
Wanna stay with you all night
But not just the night I wanna be with you forever
Did oyu know I get butterflies every time we're together

Wanna feel your body close to mine
I miss you always when you're not there, all the time
I need you to stay in my life
And i love it when you call me wife
Being with you just feels wonderful
You make me smile when you call me beautiful

I know the feelings i have for you are so real
Didnt know what to say when you said im marriage material
Feels so special when you're staring into my eyes
And even though it took me a while to realise
I want you to stay all mine
To be with me all the time

Kissing you and feeling your lips
You hugging me, hold my hips
Telling your friends that you think you; re in love
Couldn't put any other boy above.
Cause I know you; re the one for me and I swear that is true
Why do you think im spengin all my time with you
Cause you were the one who kissed me in the rain
Im trying so hard but still I cant explain

These feelings that i have for you
Just so happy that I'm yours n you're mine too
You were the one that held me when I was crying
You made me laugh when i felt like i was dying
Im not the kind of girl who falls in love too easily
But you've changed that and I'm speaking truthfully

Cause i can see us in a few years standing at the alter
Living with you having kids, little kenzie and a daughter
But we should still take it slow so we know the love can last
I like it how you can keep some things I've did in the past
You give me your jacket whenever I'm cold
And it's noce when it's my hand you hold
You play love songs and they remind us of us two
I still cant really describe it
I just love you

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Monday, February 28, 2011

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