francisco saldana

Rookie (September 21,1987-September 12,2888 / MEXICO TOREON CW)

Changes - Poem by francisco saldana

the next day
while still night they let me out before daylight
sent me home
no herbs to smoke
and in the cold i walked alone

i saw the sun awake
and thanked good for the new day
i admit my sins
prayed to repent for the one's i did
and ask you to forgive the ones i haven't done yet
yet you place people in front of me
that could teach me to do right
i lost track and was lost to the night
in the woods dark and deep
i try hard to find the light indeed
i am close
the warmth invades my cold soul
i have found the path
i am running fast
trying to catch up
ten years i have lost
ten years of good
10 years so i can prove to you their is nothing i want more than you
i want to do right and at night i dream of you in my life
i want u to show me the right way
take my hand and guide me
i am lost in this world of sin
sin i have done and sin i have lived in
i want to live in daytime
i want to be right
i want to have a clear bright light
shining in my life

i want to be your man
not a boy or your toy
i want to grow for you and with you too
together we can do anything tru
be anything
i want to put my faith in you but it's bin a long time sense i did this to
i am lost and confused yet always their was you
and i cant lose you cuz you bin their for me to
i look and think i had a dream do you still think of me
i am sorry for whatever i did
i am sorry for the hurt i might of caused you
i am sorry for the grief i put you through
i am sorry for the pain that you are subjected to
i wish to put myself through
i am tired of being selfish
i am tired of being blue
i am tired of being any were else but with you
i miss you
i wonder what is in your mind
i wonder the story's you have and the lie's you have inside
what you think
what makes you react
if i could ever have the honor
to be your man
i know i can
i give you my trust
i gave you my lust but i think its turning to love
i will always be your friend and i hope our friendship never ends
close to me you are
true woman
never call you names
those belong to other dames
you are a perfect woman

ojala que veas algo nuevo dentro de mi
ojala que te puedo aser feliz
quisiera saber lo que te hace reir
quisiera saber lo que te hace sentir
te lo daria todo sin embargo lo que tengo es poco
si te cause danio
que sea regresado a mi lado
por que te amo
me siento extrano
si he cambiado
quiero saber si te puedo siguir amando

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 6, 2008

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