Gregory Hughes

Did You See Him? - Poem by Gregory Hughes

Someone told me that you saw Him,
Will you please tell me how it felt?
They even said they saw you,
Touch the edges of His belt.

They said He spoke to you and said,
“Why did you grab at my waistband?
If you’ll come just a little closer,
I’ll reach out and touch your hand.”

Did you do it, did you do it,
Did you stretch out and touch His hand.
If you did you’ve got to tell me,
Did you truly touch the Son of Man.

They say His tenderness and mercy,
Generates to all those He is around.
He heals, and blesses, and prays for all,
Even those that are not yet found.

He claims that He is the Son of God,
Do you think this could be true?
Did He heal the leapers did He raise the dead,
What exactly did you see Him do?

Do you feel just like they said you would?
Like you’ve never felt before?
Did He reach in and touch your spirit,
And then open up the door?
Can you tell me, did you it,
Tell me all I want to know.
I want to feel His touch inside,
Tell me in which direction I should.

I’ve been so lost for so very long,
I need to find my way.
Going round and round going nowhere fast,
I must find this Man today.

Is it true when He looks into your eyes,
He sees all the things that you have done.
The lies, the pain, the heartache, the shame.
From His love there’s no need to run.

How did it feel to let this man in,
To see the things no other soul you’d tell.
Some say once the burden’s lifted,
Their hearts and souls with happiness swell.

Some say that it’s all lies just talk,
Others swear that it’s completely real.
Was it painful when you felt His touch,
I need to know how does it make you feel?

I want to go with you the next time,
To wherever this man goes to preach.
I’ll humbly ask Him to help me live,
And deep into my spirit reach.

One look in your eyes and I see it’s true,
I want to give Him all my sins to relieve.
I will trust in this son of man named Jesus
On His Holy Spirit I will believe.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 1, 2007

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